Useful Snippets

  • List Trello Cards After a Specific One

    List the cards contents after a given card content inside the browser. Useful to generate a quick report from your Trello board.

  • Rails Mailer Smoke Test

    Use this code snippet when you need to see the generated HTML by active mailer in the browser.

  • List AWS Users Without MFA

    Lists users who haven’t enabled MFA on their AWS accounts.

  • Covert Single Quoted YAML to Double Quoted

    You can use these regular expressions and replacement expressions inside your favorite editor when you need to unify your YAML file to use double quote for all strings.

    For example converting:

    key1: value 1
    key2: 'value 2'
    key3: 'value "3"'


    key1: "value 1"
    key2: "value 2"
    key3: "value \"3\""

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