I’ve always liked to have an international blog. I’m not very fluent in English and I’m afraid to share my experiences in English in the fear of making mistakes.

Yeah! Writing the above block took me more than 10 minutes and obviously I couldn’t get it done without Google!

One of the main reasons that I could say no to my fear is the community. When I moved to the open source community (about one year ago) I found out how the community brings people together to learn and improve their skills. I expect the same behavior about writing. I strongly believe that the community will help me improve my skills, even in writing. At least they will tolerate my mistakes and encourage me to share my ideas and experiences.

As a result, this weblog is published on Github and your kind pull requests for correcting my mistakes are very very welcomed.

I’ll add more information about myself, but for now, I’ll let you know that I’ve been developing software for about 13 years and I’m sure I was a geek even before that ;) I’m also 29 (checkout the post date).

Thank you community.